Ground Spiders on Gen2 FJR’s

 by raYzerman » Fri Nov 17, 2017 5:24 pm on (here)

Suggest making this a sticky….. Thought I would post this up separately so you don’t have to go searching through other threads.. Note, Gen3 has some spider connections also, however, the loading has been better thought out to avoid the chances of a spider bite. To date, I have not heard of any Gen3 spider issues at all.

A link to the original thread where Brodie developed a wire harness to take care of all the ground spiders. Brodie doesn’t make them any more, but you can make your own with the appropriate connectors. … g-harness/

Electrical diagram for the ground spiders on Gen2 bikes.


Since there have been a few recent reports of ground spider issues on Gen2’s, it appears more 2010-11’s are being affected too, so as these bikes age the issue seems to be growing a bit. I have been contemplating making a ground spider harness similar to the one Brodie used to make. Of course, I’ll need to know how many and if there is interest…. significant supplies and setup is required, I still have to do a cost analysis to see what I need to sell these for….. not looking to make profit, just cover my costs and investment…… also it is not likely these are available until March-ish 2018 when I have a Gen2 to test fit one to.
If you’re interested, post here or send me a PM.

The link to Brodie’s harness isn’t available today….. the mating connector to a spider connector is a 6-way Sumitomo MT-090, only available at Eastern Beaver AFAIK, 6P090-Mt-SPA is his designation….. … ctors.html

I would run 6 – 16ga wires to a butt connector (yellow, but remove the plastic), with a 12ga. wire from there to a ground point of your choosing. Crimp and solder/heat shrink tape, then treat the 6-way with contact paste used for aluminum wiring (Home Depot). Mostly you only need to address S4, S6 and S7 which are the heavier daisy chained loads. Existing spiders will handle the others easily.

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