Welcome To FJRiders.com!

Well this is different isn't it?  FJRiders.com is taking a little different approach to our little community on the internet.  The history of this forum has caused a web of locations where information is located.  The organization became sloppy.  Our goal is to try and remedy that.  This landing page will serve as the hub to all of your FJR information.  There is a link to the forums up top or here.

Your forum username and password should still work for this site and the additional functionality to come.  The calendar contest will be the first thing added.  Other ideas are a forum store, event registration, member gallery, how-to manuals, etc.   The main page will eventually be a feed of FJR, Yamaha, and other motorcycle news. 

I know it doesn't look like much and I apologize for the delays in getting it going . Right now, it is function over form.  This page will get dressed up as time goes on.  This is a new idea and the kinks need to be worked out.  In the meantime, any ideas or helpful criticism are welcomed.

Stay Tuned!

2020 FJRiders.com Calendar Contest Finalist Gallery

2021 Event List

(Link to Discussion Thread)

January 2021

  • No Events Posted yet

February 2021

  • No Events Posted yet

March 2021

  • March 4-7th FWG 2.0 (Flatistan Winter Gathering) - Discussed here.

April 2021
**snowmexican hibernation ends**

  • "In"Tech day - April 16-18th, 2021. discussed here.

May 2021

  • May 1st, 2021 - TechDay XXII - Owosso, MI - Discussed here.
  • SE Ohio Ramble (well, how about it, Joe?)

June 2021

  • No Events Posted yet

July 2021

  • CFO - July 22-25 - Holiday Inn Dubuque, IA "Craig's Freaking Old" - discussed here.

August 2021

  • NAFO - 26-29 August, Montrose Colorado

September 2021

  • YFO - September 2-5, 2021 - discussed here.
  • Reuben Run #10 Lapine OR - Sept 9th - 12th. Discussed here.
  • Eastern Owners Meet (EOM) - September 17-29th, 2021, Flatwoods, WV - "where the twisty roads are..." Discussed here.

October 2021
**snowmexican hibernation begins**

  • SFO - placeholder, tbd.

November 2021

  • Fall SEO Rumble (well, how about it, DEAGLE?)

December 2021

  • Annual FJRiders.com Calendar Contest