Contest Rules

1) Vote fairly!  This contest is meant to be fun and a benefit to our FJR community.  Any attempts to sabotage the contest will result in disqualification and/or ban from the contest and forum.

2) Voting is a 5 star system.  Click on the highest star you want to award.  Rankings are a combination of rating and number of votes.

3) This is an FJRiders member calendar, not specifically an FJR calendar. You may see pictures of other bikes. Award stars based on what you feel is calendar worthy and what criteria you feel an entry should meet.

4) Submissions are sent to and make sure to send the high resolution picture.  Be sure to include your username and info about the pictures.  Two submission per member. Pick your best ones!

5) Photos must be you own.  No paid photography.  You may submit another image if you do not like how your image is performing.  All votes for your image are reset.

6) Anyone submitting a photo automatically grants permission for the staff to use the photo in any or FJR-related applications.

7) Contest ends November 30th. Pictures may be submitted til then, but rankings are determined by a combination of score and total number of votes. Get your submissions in early so you can receive more votes.

8) I am not turning the calendar sideways for a month. Photos must be in landscape orientation.   They will be resized and cropped to a 2300px x 1800px resolution.

Voting Guidelines

  - Definitely needs to be in the calendar!

      - Calendar worthy, but maybe not my first choice

          - Wouldn't bother me if it was or wasn't in

              - Not for me, but has some merit

                  - Should not be included at all


Bull Shoals, Missouri.