2018 Tail light Harness

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2018 Tail light Harness

Post by bill lumberg » Fri Dec 14, 2018 5:18 pm

This thread is sort of a placeholder for anyone looking for a solution to the problem I encountered. As noted elsewhere, I pulled my admore light bar and admore plug-and-play harness off my 2014 bike. I ordered and received the applicable plug-and-play harness for my 2018 and went to install it. Everything on the 2018 was in the same place as on the 2014. But the connections do not fit the admore 2018 FJR harness. Admore was very responsive. I’m waiting to figure out if Yamaha changed something. Nothing behind that panel mates to the adapter harness.

Edited to add- connector was located on the right side of the bike. No idea why. Admore running strong. Great support from admore.
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