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Backyard Forum Rules

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Backyard Rules

by Wayne (aka extrememarine)

The “Backyard” operates under a different set of rules than the rest of the forums. In order to read or post in the Back Alley, you must first read these rules completely. By asking to join the Back Alley group, you are signifying that you have read, understand, and will adhere to these rules. Any modification to the rules will be announced in the “Notices!” forum and linked to within the Back Alley forum as an announcement.

The Back Yard is intended to allow members a place to discuss politics, religion, guns, and other controversial topics that often become “flame wars” in Internet forums due to the passionate feelings surrounding the topics. Since these topics are likely to get emotions stirred, they are limited to the Backyard forum.

First rule – What goes on in the Back Alley, stays in the Back Alley. Under NO conditions are these topics to be taken into the normal forums and you may not use the Private Message, email, or other Instant Messenger systems available thru the website to continue these discussions. Along these lines, if we find members Backyard discussions influencing their posts within the normal forums, this is also a violation of the same rule. This also includes telling others that are not a part of the Backyard group the content of a post in the Backyard forum.

Second rule – You may NOT make any comments about another member, their posts, or anything that is alluding to them if they are not a member of the Backyard group. Since the members must be a part of the Backyard group in order to even read the posts, they will have no way to know a post is being made about them and therefore will not be able to defend themselves.

Third rule – No pornographic or illegal content. This includes, but is not limited to, sharing programs, manuals, music files and other copy-written materials. Do not post anything that violates the laws of the USA and/or your own country. The Backyard Alley is NOT moderated. You may not ask a moderator to change a post or warn a member for anything. If a moderator wishes, they may join the Backyard as a group member and have the same exact rights and permissions as any other Backyard member. In the Backyard, they are NOT moderators... they're just another member. The Administrators are the only persons that may take care of rule violations in the Backyard.

Fourth rule – While they may be listed as members of the Backyard for administration purposes, administrators may not be active participants of the Backyard forum themselves and therefore have the same protection as non-group members per rule 2.

Update - January 31st, 2021 - Fifth Rule - Forum rule #1 - no personal attacks - applies in the backyard sub forum as well. Topics here that degrade to that level will be locked / deleted at the admin / moderator's discretion.

Once you have joined the Backyard, you forgo the protection of the mods/admins for anything in the Backyard and even if you request removal from the Backyard group, you still leave yourself open in that forum. Any infraction of the few rules set here results in an immediate forum-wide ban from 30 days to permanent ban depending on the severity of the infraction. Claiming, "I didn't know the rules" makes no difference. If you agree to these rule, you can use the directions at the Joining the Backyard to signup for access.

Read how to join the Backyard here.
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Re: Backyard Forum Rules

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Does this mean we get to move all the shit from Bust, BeemerDon and Odot straight over here???

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