RIP - my buddy 1911/Duane Wellington just passed away

This subforum will contain memorial posts and memories of those members who have departed but live on in the stories shared here.
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Re: RIP - my buddy 1911/Duane Wellington just passed away

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wheatonFJR wrote: Thu Jan 18, 2024 10:58 am
D-Eagle wrote: Thu Jan 18, 2024 9:35 am Mark, that photo is awesome.
Duane evidently thought so as well. I found that out after Duane died when Maralee told me that he had that as his screensaver for the longest time. So much so that they included that photo in the funeral service program.

The only reason we were at that spot was that Duane wanted to try a new he always did. As nice as that photo turned out, it pales in comparison to how it was in 360 degree real time. I take no credit for that photo at all. The scene was amazing.... Coming out of the mist and fog and rising about it all into a crystal blue sky, clouds below, distant ridges... and that silhouetted tree.
That's a calendar picture buddy.
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Re: RIP - my buddy 1911/Duane Wellington just passed away

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I'm certain that I met Duane a few times, but I don't remember him from that, I remember him more from reading your posts Wheattie. Sorry to lose another FJR rider and especially sorry that you lost a close friend.
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Re: RIP - my buddy 1911/Duane Wellington just passed away

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FYI, these posts are not about me at all, but if I reflect on them it is only to show the pain involved. I think Duane’s passing hit me especially hard because of a couple things
-We rode often together
-Had already made plans for a long trip to Colorado in 2023 and had plans for many more
-I just really liked this guy, and to get a laugh or guffaw out of him was gold
-I think Jason’s passing less than a year before hadn’t had a chance to fully process yet, and this just felt like an extreme case of piling on. I miss them both immensely. Time has not yet healed either wound.

I have to be careful when texting Maralee, because I don’t want my grief to compound hers. A recent review of this thread was a blessing and a curse. Great memories, but extremely sad at times.

Maralee has it real tough compared to how I’m feeling, so continue to remember her.

I try to remember that day in April last year…when y’all showed up from far and wide for her. I lean on that memory.

To my friend Duane, wish you were here.
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