RIP - Spkldoe - Creta M.

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Re: RIP - Spkldoe - Creta M.

Post by spklbuk »

Thanks everyone from the bottom of my heart.

We had a family viewing in the small country church where Creta and I were married, so we came full circle. The gent who gave her eulogy was my best man that day 45 years ago.
Creta was laid to rest today alongside her dad on top of the mountain where she grew up. She has found peace.

My hardest day ever but all is well. Again, I appreciate all of y'all.
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Re: RIP - Spkldoe - Creta M.

Post by fjrob »

I never met Creta in person. But she was a Facebook friend. She told me she loved following all our collective rides and gatherings. She also made a point of knowing who we were. Freely commenting on my family pictures She was a gem and I will miss her online presence . My heart goes out to the family and friends.

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Re: RIP - Spkldoe - Creta M.

Post by FJRPittsburgh »

So sorry to here about your loss of Creta. My deepest sympathies to you and your family.
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Re: RIP - Spkldoe - Creta M.

Post by fontanaman »

My sincere condolences Jim.
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Re: RIP - Spkldoe - Creta M.

Post by Redfish »

The Redfish Family is deeply saddened by this news. I always thought at some point we would find the time to meet the Spklbuk/spkldoe folks and pet their dog. Once again we waited too long. Another fine example of what happens when you don't make the time to take the ride to meet the wonderful people of this forum in person.

Jim, I am deeply sorry for your loss.
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Re: RIP - Spkldoe - Creta M.

Post by Tyler »

On Creta's memorial page, there was an option/recommendation to sponsor a tree planting in her name. I took advantage of that and just received the following email:
Dear Tyler,

We’re excited to share that the tree memorial you dedicated in honor of Creta Meadows has been successfully planted. Your thoughtful gesture has not only created a living tribute to their memory but also contributed to a healthier and greener planet.

Your Tree Memorial Details
Planted in: TNC Rare Habitat Reforestation Project
State: Georgia
Latitude: 32.45771408
Longitude: -84.55155945

We hope the memorial’s planting gives a continued connection with your loved one as their legacy lives on. While the tree memorial flourishes, it will continue to provide countless benefits to our planet, such as improving air quality, combating climate change, and nurturing wildlife.

Thank you once again for choosing A Tree to Remember™. Your contribution has a lasting impact on our environment and helps keep the memory of Creta Meadows alive for generations to come.
Thought I'd share the location for anyone who might want to go visit and commune with Creta in a different way. <3
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Re: RIP - Spkldoe - Creta M.

Post by wheatonFJR »

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Re: RIP - Spkldoe - Creta M.

Post by Festus »

If you use What 3 Words, this should get you within 10 ft of it :

Here is a precise what3words address, made of 3 random words. Every 10ft square in the world has its own unique what3words address.

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Re: RIP - Spkldoe - Creta M.

Post by Powerman »

Late to see this, Jim I'm so sorry.
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Re: RIP - Spkldoe - Creta M.

Post by FredandJeannesRacer »

Have been away for awhile, and just saw this.
Sorry for your loss buddy.
It was our good fortune to have met Creta.
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