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Re: Poetry

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Festus wrote: Sat Oct 09, 2021 5:20 pm Very much enjoyed the report. I should have commented far earlier, I felt bad when you put all the effort into it and didn't get many replies. I can speak for myself in saying, it wasn't because it wasn't enjoyed, it was because I didn't want to interrupt your story, I was hanging on every word.

Well done!
Ditto! :D
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Re: Poetry

Post by LKLD »

Joey, as always, I enjoyed reading your RR and looking at your photos. Your writing has depth and brevity at all the right moments, and is a pleasure to read. Well done, Sir! 👍👍
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Re: Poetry

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Thank you all for reading my ride report. It was fun writing it, but is was WAY more fun RIDING it.

Jim - as retirement gets closer, I get more ready and the signs are starting to appear. I'm slowing down a bit. Putting things off. Spending time on things that I had no time (or interest) in before. The transformation is quite telling.

Jasen - I get it, your NEED to plan. I get it because I know many who are like you and in fact, hard though it may be to believe, I was like you. I literally got baptized by fire on an Arkansas trip. The weather was not going to allow the plan in any way. i was with a non-planner and on night 1, he took the written plan and threw it into the campfire. I didn't sleep a wink that night. But I still remember that trip as being awesome. Try it once. Ya never know.
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Re: Poetry

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Really enjoyed the ride, thanks for taking us along.

Fabulous pictures. Congrats on the eagle pictures, I always have great difficulty in focusing on such subject matter.
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