Ride to Pozo w Central Coast Riders

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Ride to Pozo w Central Coast Riders

Post by dcarver »

Central Coast Riders rode today from SLO/North County to Pozo. Lots of 'valley' peeps on Harleys not paying much attention, if any, to social distancing.. And the saloon was freaking packed. Markers to keep safe distance totally ignored. Me and Rick Oliver, along with several others, rode off, away, away, away... Crap, I'm old and have issues. Don't need to die from a fukin virus after all the crazy crap I've done in my life.

On the bright side, Miss Ultra, 1991 HD UltraClassic, with 140k on clock w/ OEM engine, ran GREAT!

Niehart and Auburn loved this
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Re: Ride to Pozo w Central Coast Riders

Post by escapefjrtist »

Lots of peeps at Pozo DC...keep yourself safe out there in the wilds of Cali!!

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Re: Ride to Pozo w Central Coast Riders

Post by Bugnatr »

Remember 30 years ago when you said "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger"?

escapefjrtist loved this
It's too deep, this is a bike not a canoe.
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