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Front end shake.

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Front end shake.

Post by danh600 »

I am noticing a little more head shake on the front end. Generally it just if I let go of the handlebars at around 45mph or decelerate. If I am holding onto the bars it's minimal to none.

Has it been decided this was a tire issue or do I need to check something else?

Run PR4 GTs @ 38psi no real cupping. Tire wear is pretty consistent, but the tire tread is about 60% gone.

It's done it a little before and a new tire always fixed it. This time it's a tad bit worse and the tire is not on it's last leg like before.

Just wanted to make sure there is not something else I need to check.
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Re: Front end shake.

Post by dcumpian »

Follow the procedure to torque the steering nut. Check forks for any looseness or play. After that, it's more than likely just the tire.

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Re: Front end shake.

Post by FJRoss »

Given the amount of wear on that tire, it is most likely the culprit. Try airing it up to 41 or 42 PSI and see if it improves. IMO, steering head torque (or tapered vs stock bearings) may make head shake more noticeable but rarely (if ever) the root cause.
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Re: Front end shake.

Post by Deagle10 »

Mine does that with a new tire. It's annoying as heck.
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Re: Front end shake.

Post by raYzerman »

PR4 front tread pattern sucks IMHO. However, torquie up the steering head to 15-18.... the 13 spec is a little light. And I do run my pressures up at 40-42 front..... never have had an issue on 2 FJR's but there's lotsa banter about it. Firming up your damping will help if you are anywhere a few more clicks than 8 out.
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Re: Front end shake.

Post by Blueridgerider »

I recently bought a 2016 with just 10K on it and after replacing the tires with a set of Michelin GT's it had the dreaded wobble. I had a set of All Balls installed and it still had a slight wobble and we found the front tire was defective. Michelin replaced it under warranty and the wobble was gone.

I thought I was a happy camper until to took the bike on a 500 mile trip to the mountains. The wobble was gone but the bearings loosened up. When coming to a stop and applying the brakes it was clunky and very loose. After doing some research it seems that it is common to have to retorque the bearings especially after All Balls are installed. It seems as if this is supposed to be regular maintenance as well. The great video below was very detailed. I bought the tool off Ebay and was able to torque everything properly. Torque to 38 then back off and retorque to 13. Fairly easy work that maybe took a half hour. This bike is fantastic now, the front end is rock solid with no hint of a wobble at any speed. It was a journey to get it straight but am glad I stuck with it to get it right. I hope this helps. ... &FORM=VIRE
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Re: Front end shake.

Post by ionbeam »

A post of mine from another Forum and another time:
A couple of weeks ago I pulled my FJR into the garage with it handling as good as could be expected with a set of toasted Stradas (10k miles). I put on a set of new Stradas and within 1/4 mile it was apparent that I had wicked handle bar oscillations between 40-50 mph :x The oscillations were there during accel, decel, steady speed, braking or any other situation where the front wheel was on the ground. The following day I told the dealer about the nasty side to side oscillations and what I had done to troubleshoot the problem. Monsoon rains and a holed radiator kept me from going back to the dealer for a couple of weeks. When I did return the service manager said that he had talked to the Pirelli rep and he had authorization to replace my tire, bring it in Image WTF, no fight? A service manager that took initiative to resolve an issue after only a casual conversation with a customer? So off with the old tire and on with the new tire and -- AHHHH -- oscillations gone, bikie handles sweet.

During the diagnostics with the first tire I did discover that my front rim is ever so slightly bent. Lateral and circumference run-out is within factory specs but just barely. There is a chance that this slight distortion and the construction of the first tire were at odds causing the problem. The distortion in my rim is so slight that it takes a run-out gauge to find it. Some of youse guys with handling problems after a tire change may want to check your rims.
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