Turning on TCS

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Re: Turning on TCS

Post by raYzerman »

I'm afraid you haven't got a prayer.... TCS and Reset buttons aren't even on the wiring diagram, but they are integrated into the instrument cluster, which is a computer controlling a lot of things, with a tie-in to the main ECU (and the ABS ECU for wheel sensor signals to tell if you're moving or not).

Somewhat related story.... put a new to me spare wheel and new tire on one day. CEL on and TCS flashing.... ABS light on. Went for a spin, came back.... Doh, I had not installed the ABS sensor disc.... once I did that, all fixed. Just saying all these things are tied together and I don't have a clue how you'd reprogram any of the three computers.....
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Re: Turning on TCS

Post by Canadian FJR »

I wonder if this is something that Ivan could do ????

Might reach out next week.

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Re: Turning on TCS

Post by fjrob »

Talk to some race team folks at Mosport. If its programmed then it can be re - programmed
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