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The Last Pie Ride

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The Last Pie Ride

Post by dcarver »

Bust, fontanaman, Bugnatr and 4 others loved this
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Re: The Last Pie Ride

Post by Hppants »

Good looking ride - the old Feejer seems to be running good!!
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Re: The Last Pie Ride

Post by wheatonFJR »

Hppants wrote: Mon May 02, 2022 4:29 pm ...the old Feejer seems to be running good!!
...Even surviving Carver's driveway.
Bust loved this
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Re: The Last Pie Ride

Post by escapefjrtist »

Thanks for the ride-along DC. Nice SoCal twists and turns there!

'18 Tenere
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Re: The Last Pie Ride

Post by fontanaman »

Nice twisty roads Don. Looking a bit brown in Kali. Thanks for posting.
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