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Just checking in from Idaho

Stop in & tell us who you are, where you are from, etc.
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Just checking in from Idaho

Post by dankly1 »

Hello all. Just picked up a 1-owner 2013 with 23,XXX miles on the clock about 2 weeks ago. Traded in a 2019 Africa Twin DCT. I rarely found myself in the dirt so I let it go. Been diving deep in the forums and have gotten a ton of good information already. I would post some pics there a way to just put up something from my computer that doesn't have a URL?

The bike was mostly stock but I have adding bits to make it mine.

Garauld highway pegs
Givi rear rack (V47 on the way)
Denali license plate tail/brake lights
Tech Spec tank pads
T-Rex frame and fork sliders are in the mail
Heli Bars bridge riser

danh600 and Cav47 loved this
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Re: Just checking in from Idaho

Post by Full House »

Welcome from PA. You have the addiction for farkles now!
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Re: Just checking in from Idaho

Post by wheatonFJR »

“There’s no better therapy than a ride.” -petey

There are some awfully good people here at FJRiders!
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Re: Just checking in from Idaho

Post by CollingsBob »

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Re: Just checking in from Idaho

Post by gixxerjasen »

Hello from Texas. I've seen your local riding area, so I already hate you.

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Re: Just checking in from Idaho

Post by juniorfjr »

North Idaho, or down south?
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Re: Just checking in from Idaho

Post by wingshot »

Welcome from Spokane.
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Re: Just checking in from Idaho

Post by LKLD »

Welcome from Flatistan. I miss that color, such a gorgeous bike, congrats!

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Re: Just checking in from Idaho

Post by escapefjrtist »

Welcome from metro Seattle!

'18 Tenere
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Re: Just checking in from Idaho

Post by FastPappy »

Welcome from the Big Apple. Congrats on the new ride. Enjoy! ;)
Pappy 09AE
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Re: Just checking in from Idaho

Post by danh600 »

My 2013 has treated me well.
There is a recall on the brake switch. I have never had an issue in 75k miles. Dealer has the part so I will get it done some day.
They are good bikes!
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Re: Just checking in from Idaho

Post by mi_pjk »

Welcome, you'll need to upload the pix to somewhere, then include the link in the post. But, i believe you need to have 5 posts to be considered 'live' and can do stuff like that.

Anyway, i rode through northern Idaho a few years ago, lovely country, so say the least.
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