Joining the Backyard group

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Joining the Backyard group

Post by admin » Tue Jan 15, 2013 8:31 pm

Joining the Backyard group

by extrememarine

Instructions for joining the “Backyard” group to access its forum.

In order to join the Backyard, you must first read the specific rules for the Backyard forum (here) which are different from the rest of the forums.
By signing up for the Backyard group you are certifying that you have read the rules, understand the rules, and agree to follow the rules for the Backyard. Link to the Backyard Rules

The Backyard group is open to all members who request it. To join the group you must be logged into the forums and:

1. Go to the 'User Control Panel'
2. Click the 'Usergroups' tab at the top
3. Click the 'Edit memberships' tab at the left side
4. Select 'Backyard'
5. Make sure “Join Selected” is listed in the dropdown box at the bottom
6. Then click the 'Submit' button

Your group membership request will be sent to all “group leaders” for approval by the first one available. Once your group membership is approved, you will automatically be sent an email (to the email address on file) by the forum software notifying you of the approval and then you may access the Backyard forum just like any other forum on

-The Management.
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